Voice From President

Mohan Raj Regmi
AUDAN focuses on skill enhancement and overall enrichment of the workforce involved in auditing and accounting sectors. We should all make an effort on a personal as well as professional level to make the economy of this country a strengthened one, keeping the rights and interests of the parties involved intact. In fact, AUDAN has been the protector of the rights of auditors spread all across our nation. We also are open to any partnership, association and cooperation that is beneficial to individuals, auditing sector or the country as a whole.

Voice From Secretary General

Jhalakmani Lamsal
It’s been a privilege and quite an honor to be the representative of all the Auditors spread across Nepal. The members of this firm have contributed phenomenally to the development and prosperity of the country. For safeguarding the rights and address the issues of such productive congregation of professionals AUDAN is functioning to its fullest potential. Not only that, we here at AUDAN also have a motto of enhancing the quality and transparency when it comes to the auditing sector.

Voice From Chief Executive Officer

Naresh Khanal
Acknowledging the need to safeguard and represent the rights of all the Auditors scattered across the country AUDAN was formed. Transparency, unity, and enrichment have always remained a major focus of AUDAN. Our association is established with the intent to provide a professional channel for auditors to get their voices heard at the national level. Keeping up with the times, we also are active in the field of skill enhancement and enrichment of the workforce already in the sector of auditing and accounting of the nation or the ones trying their way into the profession. AUDAN is a platform that fosters growth and aspires to achieve greatness through professionalism and transparency in the auditing and accounting sector of Nepal.

Central Committee Members