Auditors’ Association of Nepal (AUDAN) being the only umbrella organization for all the Registered Auditor professionals provides an organized platform to all the members to log in their issues and direct it to the appropriate authority for its proper address and evaluation. We here at AUDAN completely acknowledge the power of unity. As a combined whole we sure can ensure the rights of our members are intact while also ensuring that we step further in the progress spectrum. AUDAN generally looks over the rights of the auditors around the country as well as ensure their overall development and enrichment through different training and skill enhancement training. So to approach the issues of the protection of rights and enrichment of its members AUDAN provides an organized platform that is currently in service across 72 districts of Nepal.

Every issue that concerns the auditors of Nepal is approached with accountability and transparency within AUDAN. The organization that looks upon the conservation of the rights of the auditors as well as their betterment, provides its members across high status across the country with a pathway to approach their particular situations or have their voices heard in the national arena of auditing.