Given that AUDAN facilitates and cater to the needs of the auditors all over the country, their enrichment and skill enhancement remains a major priory as well. AUDAN is regularly conducting various training programs across 72 districts to uplift the professional status of its members. Although the members are the major focus of the organization, it doesn't stop its professional development just there. The organization also provides various pieces of training that majorly has its concentration on the auditing sector of Nepal. Through the variety of enrichment programs, AUDAN aims to bring about a positive change in the accounting sector of the country in general while also advancing the professional development among the people.

Not only that, but AUDAN is also planning its way to benefit the youth that is on the verge of entering a career in accounting. The organization is designing a course for the students who have just graduated from college. The course which is about to be launched soon aims to bridge the gap between the theoretical education provided in college and the practical application in the job market. The bridge course is designed so that the students have a comparatively easy transition into the job market and it ultimately aims to enhance their professional prowess. Moreover, the outstanding students among those also shall have the privilege of placement into the best auditing firms in the country. The program that is bound to create a phenomenal change is swiftly underway and will come in action through collaboration with different partners.